Ten Years, Four Million Warm-Transfers—and Counting

We process thousands of leads a day for some of America’s best-known companies. Meet the managers who make it all run right.

Warm-Transfer is a unit of Customer Solutions Group (CSG), a call center-based business in Colorado, Idaho, and California. CSG is owned by partners Jeffrey E. Feuer and Andrew D. Carr. The Warm-Transfer unit was started in 2004. Our specialty is high-speed, highly efficient outbound sales calling. We use proprietary technology and processes that have helped our clients dramatically decrease cost per call and expand sales.

Warm-Transfer’s Principals

Jeffrey E. Feuer


Jeff joined CSG as president in 1993. He brings to his role a wide range of expertise that includes designing, implementing and line-managing comprehensive sales and customer service operations, plus lead management and database design. One of Jeff’s greatest strengths is coming up with innovative strategies that maximize sales revenue, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.
He graduated cum laude from the University of California with a BA in economics and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Andrew D. Carr

Chief Operating Officer and Founder, CSG

CSG’s founding principal has extensive experience designing, implementing and managing customer service and sales operations for companies from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Andrew’s expertise in operational and technical design, scheduling and workflow management maximizes operational efficiency for all CSG’s clients.

A former US Navy supply officer, Andrew graduated from the University of Florida with a BSBA in finance. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Aaron Broome

VP of Business Development

Aaron joined CSG as VP of Business Development in July 2011, bringing 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. He was VP of Sales and Operations at NetQuote (now Bankrate), which through the efforts of the sales force he built became the top online insurance aggregator in the country. Aaron’s experience in sales, management, call centers and online lead aggregation has resulted in consistently increased performance for CSG’s clients.